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Hi Jeanne,

Pate-sur-pate is, as far as I know, still being made in Russia.
Several years ago, both Bead and Button and Ornament had articles
about a woman who makes incredible pieces–she moved from Russian to
the US. I was trying to teach myself to make porcelain jewelry at the
time, so I was very excited, but I no longer remember her name and my
old magazines are far from here. She didn’t appear on my simple
Google searches. Maybe somebody else remembers who and where she is.
Her things were pretty pricey–and for good reason.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Elk, CA

Thanks for the info! Supposedly, these were made by an english woman
and left to her niece in America. Her last name was Sixsmith and her
first name began with an M. If you find that article, I’d love to see
a copy of it!