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Paste solder question


Hello all: I have some silver paste solder that came in a little jar.
I didn’t want it in a syringe, due to all the usual problems,
having to heat it up before squeezing it out, etc.

How do you apply this? I tried a toothpick, but the solder paste
doesn’t want to readily stick to the metal. I have to keep swiping
it on, in the process getting it smeared over areas where I don’t
want it. I was hoping to “dip” and set small parts, among other
things, but it won’t stick, almost as if it were oily. I bought it
to save me time, but this (so far) is no advantage. It also seems to
spatter somewhat when it heats, getting even more solder specks
where I don’t want them. It also makes smoke, something I’m not used

How do you apply it neatly? Also, are there any differences in
technique to consider when using this? Ways to stop it from

I know there is a new formula out there, but I already have this,
and want to use it before buying more.

Thanking you in advance…
Lin Lahlum