Paste Solder Problems

Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your reply I know that Unique Solutions does make
excellent products. There are times, that have been discussed on the
board where people are having this or that problem. You purchased the
product two years ago, not one as indicated in your email. Yet,
still, two years later the product works perfectly. Who knows how the
syringe that you were having problems with, got the crack. I am
letting those on the Orchid board know your experience, since it is
important that people know the quality of the product and the
integrity of the company. I will be at William Holland the last week
in August, where Florida Society of Goldsmiths are having a week long
workshop. I welcome anyone to stop by and see a demonstration.

“i finally got the problems with the #70 worked out…i tried a
smaller torch tip and voila…flow and connection…i believe i got a
bad syringe of the #65 though, i had to open all syringes to test
this past week and the one that initially turned into a black mass
,it seems, had a tiny crack almost undecetable to the naked eye under
the rim/handle of the unit that apparently caused an ingredient to
evaporate quite slowly (it’s been a year)…the contents of that
particular tube seemed grainy to begin with…after opening another
syringe of the product, i have found the texture to be much more
“buttery”, and it dispenses more smoothly as well, and the hardest
solder you produce -you were out of as i recall - by thursday night
when i bought the lot…c’est la vie…all negative impressions are
recanted…it was one bad tube spoiing the use of the others for
me! what else is it you sell??..hope to see you at tailgating
on thursday pm…which week will you be at wm. holland? rebecca”

Beth Katz Unique Solutions, Inc.
Paste Solder and Powder Solder for Metalsmiths and Jewelers