Parks & Rec programs?

Dear fellow Orchid-people:

I’m currently researching various jewelry-related classes available
through Parks & Rec programs across the country; I’m looking for
programs that have a particularly strong jewelry element, and for
artists who have taken classes through P&R, who teach P&R-associated
classes, or perhaps got their start through such a program. Anyone
who wishes can e-mail me; I’m eager to hear your stories!

Hazel Wheaton

Hazel L. Wheaton
Managing Editor, Lapidary Journal
300 Chesterfield Parkway, Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355
610) 232-5719

Hi Hazel,

Tuscon Parks and Rec – the Randolph Street Center, I think-- has a
great jewelry facility. I’ve taught there twice and will be returning
April 1.

Give me a call if you like.

Andy Cooperman


Would a jewelry program at Adult Education suffice? I began my
metals career at the Cambridge Adult Education fabricating a sterling
band ring. Let me know if this meets your criteria and I will be
glad to tell you my humble beginnings.

-karen christians