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[Paris TX] Classes offered at Paris Jr. College

I spent the day driving to Paris Texas and looking over the physical
plant classrooms and labs ) at the school for Jewelry Technology at
Paris Texas. I was very impressed !!! I am considering moving to that
area of north Texas and the classes and other oportunities offered
look fun, and If I can get the State of Texas to foot the bill for my
tuition and tools as part of my retraining ( due to physical
disabilities and forced medical retirement) I WILL BE SINGING AND
DANCING ( USING A CANE TO HELP) It was caused by my driving by my old
place of employment and I could not restrain myself, I had to run away
from home for the day. If any one has any thing to sugest or comment
on, I would be glad to listen to them. I am ready for a change, as I
have already had a name change to reflect my change of status. ( old
name - Robert ) ( new ame - ROBB ) ROBB - Retired Old Baby

Hello Robb: Paris is a great school! I went in 1981-84. A classmate
from then is now the instructor of watch repair, Frank Poye. If I were
you, I would look into becoming a watchmaker. Watchmakers are much
more scarce than jewelers and can command a much higher salary. I took
both watchrepair and jewelry, but it has been so long since I have
done any watch repair that I would have to learn all over again.

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA

Dear ROBB: Great to hear that you were at our school. My husband
and I miss our time at PJC. We have many friends and fond memories
of our time there and would like to attend CE classes there. Butch,
Mr Harris, Shannon Calloway, my calico cat is a parting gift named
for her, Ula, Tony Underwood and etc. We miss it and we are sure you
will learn from the best. Tell them Hi from Pat and Dennie

WONDERFUl! The town is nothing to write home about. I say go for it.
Let me know if you have any questions Good luck
Jacqueline @Jacqueline_Sanchez

That is a thought,Michael, As far as becoming a watchmaker, I have
worked with cogs, gear and wheels which were as tall as myself and
weighed as much as a small car. If I kept telling myself that the
principal was the same, only the scale was changed . I am
considering this and have mentioned to my sweetie about the prospect
of geting rehab money to foot the bill and working part time when I
have finished . Thank You for the thought, but even more, for the
encouragement . Respectfuly ROBB.