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Paper model for casting?

Would paper work as a model (in conjunction with wax) and burn out cleanly enough? Reason for asking is I’m finding that very thin sheets of pink wax get deformed when I cut out the pattern.

Yes, paper will burn out. Pretty much any organic material will. Use an uncoated paper. Coated papers often have inorganic materials, such as clay, in the coating which will leave a residue other than carbon and ash.
Probably a rag paper would work best. If you need thicker sheets you can glue several together with a natural glue, such as flour paste or mucilage. You could also try working your model like papier-mache. That’d be an interesting project.
Do some tests first, to determine the temp and time needed to completely burn out the paper.


Dryer Lint?


It will strengthen the model, but will likely leave some ash in the mold which you’ll have to (carefully) blow out with compressed air or oxygen to avoid inclusions in your metal.

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Yes, it works. I just used heavy-weight typing paper and it worked just fine. Good luck!

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Not something I have tried but edible rice paper would likely burn out with little or no residue. Worth adding in to the experiment.

You might consider hot press watercolor paper. 100% cotton.

There are ashless filterpaper for scientific use.
They are stiff but can’t be bent too many times.
Possibly they can be wet formed, not sure.
But… They are expensive and not easy to find in larger sizes.
Anyway they are designed to be incinerated without leaving anything behind.

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Whatman and Millipore sell these ash-free filter papers. Good luck!

Well I use Whatman for my refining.
But since this forum is international I thought there might be others better suited for this.
Pore size has no impact here, only ash level.

Thanks to everyone for so much helpful input…greatly appreciated!