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Pam Farren Bench/Workspace

We moved a few years ago and I’m still trying to make this new space work. My old workshop had lots of built-ins and I decided to try to be more mobile with this space.

At my bench I have dedicated hand tools for different materials. Thanks to Rio I have more hand tools than I probably need, but that doesn’t seem to stop me! In the lower right corner sitting on an anvil is one of the first tools I ever purchased from Rio, a Pepe flat dapping block, which is 20+ years old. I still use my first Pepe disk cutter. My flex shafts are from Rio too.

I have most of my heavy equipment on one work table. On one end is the press and rolling mill, in the middle is the shear and on the other end are two manual engravers. I have lots of storage for lots of small parts.

The newest addition to my new space is a fab old kiln. We’re fortunate to have a separate wet room, which makes enameling much cleaner and more convenient. Most of the enamels and tools are from Rio. It’s great that they carry so many items from Thompson.

I don’t have a pic of my soldering station, but it’s separate from my bench as is the area with my drill press and polishing equipment. I like having dedicated areas. It’s easier for me to stay organized, plus it forces me to get up and move around so I’m not sitting all day :blush:

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