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Palmolive patinas brass/copper?

Has anyone heard of using Palmolive dish soap to age brass? This
sounds like a great alternative to patina chemicals, los, etc. Can
anyone share their experience with this?


You can oxidise brass with hard soap, rub it in and heat until it
turns black. I’m not sure how durable the coating is though.

Nick Royall

If you are trying to make sellable items of sterling or copper
containing alloys black/dark I have to ask the question… Why
are you wanting to try something that you have no idea how it works,
longevity, allergy inducing, etc. Are not tried and true methods what
you should be using on these sorts of items??? I would NEVER be using
"new and/or unknown" materials or methods that I am trying to sell to
folks. That sort of “EXPERIMENTING” belongs “in house”, for you
to try, ware etc. Also some willing friends to do the same (different
bodies/chemistries). If this is just for experimentation, fine, but I
would hope that you are not planning on selling "experimental items"
until well tested and proven. There are just too many known

John Dach