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Palladium White Gold Alloy

I think Min Azama has covered most of the advantages of using the
Palladium white gold alloy over the nickel. The alloy is much more
ductile so stones are easier to set and it does not oxidize during

I have been purchasing my alloy from Imperial Smelting who have an
office in Markham, Ont. Canada and in Vancouver BC , Canada. In their
catalogue they specify that it should be rolled to 60 to 75% of its
thickness and annealed at 800C then quenched at 750C. If anyone wants
their contact info contact at my email address.They indicate in their
catalogue that not all Palladium alloys are created equally and the
best have no nickel in them.

I have not poured ingots with the alloy nor have I drawn wire,
Imperial does offer a casting alloy, seamless tubing, wire etc. I have
only used the sheet and finished seamless half round rings. The
temperature at which the Pall alloy becomes liquid is 1094C for 14K
compared with 965C to 977C for the nickel alloy, so I don’t see why
one couldn’t pour your own ingots.

The color match between Pall white gold and nickel white gold seems
to be good enough by my standards and I have been using a regular hard
and medium white gold solder.

Finally I am in no way affiliated with Imperial Smelting and Refining
other than being a customer for their products. I hope this

Douglas Frey