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Palladium Fabrication


Despite warnings about gas pitting which could be expected from torch
melting 950 Palladium, my first effort with 950 Pd. from Precious
Metals West was an complete success in every way. (Thanks, Daniel
Ballard at PMW for all the encouragement and good on the
950 PD) To test it’s workability, I melted 3 small chunks of it with
my propane/ oxygen torch in a high-heat melting dish (designed for
platinum), until they melted into a cohesive ingot. After quenching,
I rolled the ingot through tmy rolling mill, producing a square
ingot, with a few annealings along the way. After rolling through my
1/2 round side rollers to produce a half-round wire and annealing
again, I cut and filed the ends flush, rolled the wire into a band,
and soldered with PD Extreme solder I bought from PMW. A little
smoothing on the solder joint, rounding on a ring mandril, and fine
sanding on the outside, I was ready to polish. No problems with gas
pitting. No visual evidence of a solder seam. Very fine white color,
but very light in weight. From melting the ingot to polished ring,
size 4, about 45 minutes work. I’d highly recommend this new metal to
any metalsmiths who want a cheaper alternative to platinum or 18K
white gold.

Jay Whaley


Thank you for the report. This is what I love to read even when I am
not working with whatever is being described. You are adding to our
knowledge pool. For me, the info goes into a “tech” file for future
use. It helps when I can read the experiences of others before I
jump into the fray. It also makes it easier for me to figure out the
source of a problem if I have one. Again, Thanks.

William E. Churlik