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Painting jewelry

I recently purchased a decorative lapel pin of the US flag, and it
got me thinking. I know virtually nothing of paining on metals and
was wondering how it was done. Such things like if there are specific
types of paint, what (if any) preparation needs to be done to the
metal before painting, what the clear sealant is used to keep the
painted art intact, or even tips or tricks about the practice.

Is there anyone out there who either does this or knows of it that
can shed some light on this topic? I’ve been unable to find much
about this on the Internet. I usually find various sub-topics like
making a whole piece of jewelry one color.

Thanks in advance

Find the Rio Grande jewelry company

Search for “Colores”.
Click on resins
Click on Colores Epoxy Resin
Click on Colores Classic Color Set
Click on Colores Pastel Pearl Colors

I have a sterling necklace of discs painted bright yellow. The
Colores is still a bright color and has not chipped.

If you purchase, follow the directions carefully. Good luck.