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Painted mannequin heads for booth

Hi Everyone,

We all need that extra ‘something’ to help us sell our jewelry. Here
is something that will help attract people to your store/booth, once
there, you or your salesperson then take over and make the sale. I
have seen people do a ‘double take’ when walking past my booth,
attracting even more people because everyone wanted to see what the
others were doing at the booth. People have visited stores/booths
just because of ‘word of mouth’ about these beautiful hand painted
mannequin heads. Without people in the store/booth we cannot sell.

These mannequin heads/busts are hand painted by artist Magda, they
are works of art. She has sold hundreds of these hand painted
mannequin heads to jewelry stores/booths around the world, many of
them repeat customers. She sold 16 of them to one store owner in
Dubai. They have been used in TV adverts, gallery openings, etc.

The hand painted mannequin heads/busts are used to hang earrings,
necklaces, brooches and just about anything you can think of placed
next to it, let your imagination run wild.

You can see her work here