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Paint the charm


Hi There,

I am into making collage pins with charms, etc. Most of the brass
charms that I have found for my designs have holes in them for
hanging. I want to glue them on a base and don’t want the hole
showing. Are there any suggestions for filling in the holes? I would
prefer not soldering them. I have had suggestions of gluing in a bead
or brass pin. But, I was wondering if there was some sort of liquid
metal or something else that could be used and then paint the charm.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Marlene



Hi Marlene, there are lots of varieties of metal paste that harden
enough to be filed, sanded and drilled (and painted) that I have use
for many things. I have never found reason to use them in jewelry,
but see no reason they can’t be used. There are also lots of
varieties of epoxy that would fit the bill. Your local hardware
store will be a good source, or of course the internet, and they are
not expensive. One purchase will do hundreds of holes I would
imagine. Ta Da… No digression! Thomas III


Marlene - cutting off the tab with the hole and filing the charm
smooth is probably better than trying to fill the little hole in the
tab with something. At least, that is what I would do were I trying
to make collages.

Barbara, on a beautiful blue sky Thanksgiving Day