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Paige X tips for natural gas

What a relief, my second attempt to receive a set of Paige X tips
finally arrived safely, the first mysteriously never made it to my
address in Australia. One has to wonder were these parcels end up.

Having owned a set of M tips since its introduction, which I use
constantly in jewellery making, I felt I must trial these new X
tips. The M tips really make the Little Torch a very versatile unit
with a range of tips that allow you to solder or even melt scrap up
to 2-3 oz.

When Richard Paige developed the X tips for natural gas I was
delighted that they were able to work with propane /oxygen equally
well with reduced gas pressures Quite honestly they are fantastic,
requiring only gas pressures be reduced on the regulators, screwing
on the new adaptor for the tips. I then spent the next three hours
giving them a rigorous workout, wasting so little gas because it’s
so precise.

I principally work with Argentium sterling silver so I was keen to
tryout all four tips over different applications. I had great
success using all of the tips when soldering various fabricated
pieces. I then fused bezels, ring shanks and jump rings without any
problems at all. The tips are a joy to use with a precise constant
adjustable flame that is perfect for a lot of applications in
jewellery making.

Good on you Richard
Nick Murray