[Padre Island] Workshops and galleries

I will be spending around 4 months a year down in the Corpus Christi
area (Padre Island). While at the SNAG conference, I met some
wonderful people who lived in San Antonio. They were very helpful in
directing me to workshops, galleries etc in the San Antonio area, but
does anyone know of anything closer to Corpus Christi? I have been
working with metal for around a year and a half and would love to
continue taking workshops etc. The New England area has such good
support for new people in this craft. I’m hoping CC has something to
offer. Thanks for any contacts, info … Renee

I can’t recommend anyone specifically, but you might try the Art
Center (I think that’s what it’s called) in Port Aranasas. They seem
to have a good strong assocation of many local artists that may be
able to help.

I’d been interested in some of the San Antonio area workshops and
other contacts you made at SNAG if possible.

Thanks… Duane Magnauck

You might also try Rockport Center for the Arts in Rockport, Tx
they might know someone who could be of some help.