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Packing peanuts and static electricity

I’ve been packing up things to ship tonight, and am covered in tiny
bits of packing peanuts, which have stuck to me due to static
electricity. Does anyone know a way to keep this from happening? I
look sort of like a fluffy snowperson… not a “look” I’m very
fond of!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Dear Beth,

There’s a type of packing peanut that is advertised as being
"anti-static". It’s typically pink in color and used for electronic
components. It’s sold under a variety of brand names. You could look
for it in the U-Line catalog.

If you’re just trying to get it off your clothes, try a water mist
spray bottle filled with water. Moisture kills static electricity,
just as a dry climate helps create it.

Michael Knight

Beth, Have you tried peanuts made of cornstarch instead of styrofoam?
Plus they decompose! Or packing paper, or old news paper. Cheap and
not in the landfill forever. Hope your packaging goes better. Pete

Hello Beth,

Just because nobody has mentioned it, popcorn is quite a popular
"green" packing material but it has some drawbacks. Seed or animal
feed grade is much cheaper than human consumption quality but might
be hard to find in a city.

Tony.Anthony Lloyd-Rees.
Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia

Static Guard (best) or Aerosol hairspray