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History of Gases

There are different grades of both Propane and Butane, but after they
are changed, they are not usually called by the same name. About 5
years ago, 1999-2000, the Federal Government raised the standards for
inspection of Acetylene tanks. Some of the tanks had asbestos
filling, and they were disposed of, and some were damaged, and they
were disposed of. Previously, since the tank only had be pressurized
to 300 psi, there was really no need to pressure check it.

Since the tanks were owned by the gas distributors, this increased
the cost of providing acetylene, this is one of the reasons that
there has been such a sharp rise in the prices of Acetylene.

There has been a search for a gas with the same heat value of
Acetylene, at a lower cost. Different gases and aditives were
added to both Propane and Butane, in order to find a gas that would
have a flame temperature equal to Acetylene. The new mixture is then
given a name, sucn as Propylene, Chemtane, Chentane 2, etc to name
one or two.

One of the additives added to both Protane and Butane is FXD.

The below link has a table with all the different flame temps of


The heating properties of Butane change from a flame temp of 4960 F
to 6000 F. The heating properties of Propane cahnge from a flame temp
of 4580 F to 5900 F. The flame temp of Acetylene is 5875.

The major caution is that the hoses normally used for Acetylene are
rubber based, and can be disolved by the use of other gases.

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