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Oxygen Generator use?


I was wondering if anyone out there uses an oxygen generator (the
kind that is specified as being for hobbyists and crafters) vs. the
traditional oxy/gas tank set up? If so, can you tell me a little
bit about the pros and cons please? That can be anything from
fabrication issues to storage, etc.

Thanks in advance.
Tamra Gentry

I have had a reclaimed medical oxygen unit for at least five years.
On jewelry scale it is a real nice deal. I haven’t used it for
melting for casting (use an electromelt ).

It is used by glass workers with the minor torch for work that
would be ok for for small metal melting. I use the unit without a
regulator and pressure performance is no worse than the conventional
regulators used for the same job. i worked in the industrial gas
industry and had much experience with very large oxygen systems. got
it as a curiosity as much as anything. if the unit price is ok - it
is a better deal than small cylinders.


I have a medical oxygen concentrator that I have been using for
three years, I run two mini torches, some times I have to use both
torches to solder a silver ring, usually I am using one, another
jeweler is using the other on a consistent basis, daily.

No down side. Upside, I have not had to pay for oxygen for years. I
I use my torch every day doing fabrication and repair. Cannot be
used for anything other than mini torches, to my knowledge.

Unfortunately my wife has to use concentrators, at home and at work.
When a concentrator does not put out the correct amount of pure
oxygen, it is usually less expensive for me to buy a used unit from
the classified ads have it tested, if it is working correctly, I
retire the unit that is not up to specs to my workshop. These units
have lasted for years.

I live in Denver, and there are probably more concentrators for sale
here because of the altitude.

Richard Hart @ 5280

I know I’m a little late in responding, but I’ve been out of town. I
use an O2 generator in place of an O2 tank with my Minor Burner
glass torch with great success. It’s steady, doesn’t vary with the
amt of gas in the tank, and is much less dangerous than a tank of O2.
It also doesn’t need replacing, never empties and is actually
quieter. The downside is that it only generates 6 liters/minute,
which is fine for a Minor Burner, but wouldn’t be enough for a larger
torch. All in all, I’m glad I got it.

Jackie Truty
Art Clay World, USA, Inc.