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Oxygen concentrator




*I purchased an O2 concentrator from rio. I only see one connection, I assume that’s where I would connect my oxygen side of the torch. Do I need a special fitting for the little camp propane bottle, or can I use my little barbecue propane bottle?This text will be blurred

This is how mine is set up. The “nipple” on the concentrator was a bit large for the hose on my little torch, so I made a simple adaptor from a scrap of 1/4" OD tubing from my airtool lines.

Test for leaks, but this is not a high pressure system and it is pretty easy to prevent such leaks.

It’s pretty much a straight shot from the concentrator to the torch using whatever you need to make a leak proof connection. This is basically a function of what kind of connection you have at the concentrator. It could be a barbed slip connection or threaded in some way. I use a non-adjustable regulator on my camp stove cylinders and connect the torch hose to it. I have added flashback/check valves to both sides and they don’t cause any appreciable reduction in performance.

Looks like an acetylene and air torch (plumbers torch) regulator on your camp stove cylinder with some kind of transition fitting. You can buy a non-adjustable regulator that goes directly on the cylinder and the torch hose connects to it. Following should be a screen shot from the Rio Grande website…Rob


@ringdoctor Now I am curious what kind of tip that is. Is it better than the standard Smith tips?

I have the same one from Rio, mine came with a tube fitting that connected directly to the green hose. You might call and ask if you’re missing a fitting, or did you order it separately? If so, there are a few videos to show you how to buy and attach tubing.

Sorry, I had missed your question.
Those are Paige tool tips.
They burn hotter, and stay lighted for me much better than the Smith tips did.
It was explained to me that the Small Torch was designed for an accetylene and oxigen mixture, and does not get the full advantage from other gas mixes.
The Paige tips are designed for propane or natural gas and oxygen. I am quite happy with this upgrade to my torch.