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Hi all,

has anyone tried using an oxygen concentrator for supplying the
oxygen for running a casting torch? I know that glass beadmakers use
them often,I just wondered if they produce sufficient to run a
casting torch. The ones I have seen in the UK produce about 5 litres
per minute, I’m not sure at what pressure

regards Tim.


The common use of concentrators is to fill a tank over night, and
have full stock and pressure for working in the morning. You would
purchase a unit sized to supple your needs for one day plus what you
feel would be a good margin to makeup for forgetting to start the new
charge, or power outages etc… Most concentrators supply a slightly
lower purity of gas than you might be used too from a gas supplier,
read the fine print. Sometimes a lower oxygen purity in the fuel
stream can improve your soldering or melts, ask for a trail period if
possible. Please report back to the list with your experiences.

Good Luck
Daniel Culver

The common use of concentrators is to fill a tank over night, and
have full stock and pressure for working in the morning.

My wife is on medical oxygen, liquid and concentrators. There is only
one brand I know of the will fill tanks, all other concentrators
supply oxygen by filtering air we breathe thru sieve beds, resulting
is about 95% pure oxygen, and I believe it is purer than bottled
oxygen from welding supply. I bought my concentrator from someone on
Orchid that supplies concentrators for people who work with glass and
these concentrators cannot be used for medical oxygen. I got mine for
$125 and I have been using it for years. Supplies all the oxygen for
two smith little torches, I do not believe I can cast with the volume
that is supplied, but I am very happy using one for my soldering, I
flip a switch when I get to work, turn it off when I leave, and have
constant supply of oxygen for soldering. I do not know if the person
who supplies them is still part of this forum. I have contact
for a company that sells these units and sells parts to
refurbish them. If anyone wants this e-mail me offline.

Richard Hart

yes, i would like your about purchasing oxygen
concentrators. i’ve been hesitant to purchase a concentrator locally
(columbus, ohio) because i don’t know enough to make a good choice.
but to purchase from someone from orchid would be great. thanks for
the info.

I bought two oxygen concentrators from a bead maker several years
ago. There was no way to regulate the output (they are de-certified
medical units) and thus not as accurate in their output as an oxygen
bottle with a proper regulator, without some additional plumbing. The
fitting does connect directly to a torch hose, however. I haven’t
fussed with it, in fact I made a “loan” of one to a friend. It does
run fairly quietly. I did get it to make a flame, however, with one
the largest Little Torch tips (# 6 or 7). I’d stick a flash back
arrestor on it just to feel safe, if I were using it.

Rick Hamilton