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Oxy Tank Alert, USA

All American Jewelers, You should be aware that as of the first of the
year the Federal Government d.b.a. Dept. of Transportation, is going
to require that oxygen tanks be re-certified if they have not been
certified within the past ten years. The onus of this requirement
will be with the Welding Supply operator and he will have bear the
cost ( approx.twenty five dollars) He also may elect to pass that
cost on to his customers. Depending on the discretion of that
operator he may also elect to make a profit on that surcharge or he
may elect to absorb that cost with his regular customers. My own
supplier is going to absorb it. The significance of this information
is that you should determine the certification date of any oxygen
tank that you may have the opportunity to buy so that you won’t have
to run the risk of having to pay for re-certifying it…a cost that
might be as much as fifty dollars. You might want to check with your
local gas supplier to what his policy is going to be.

Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

Ron, For as long as I can remember, compressed gas cylinders have
needed to be re-certified every ten years. What’s changed?

Freedom Design & Contracting

Ron, This is not a new requirement. The hydrostatic re-testing of all
pressure vessels on a periodic basis has been law for many years.
This includes propane tanks as well. When you go to pickup a new gas
bottle from your supplier or they deliver one check the last hydro
date stamped on the neck of the bottle if it is more than 10 years
old don’t accept the bottle.

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