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Oxy/acetylene safety - A warning


Hi All , On the subject of Oxy/Acetylene safety .

Can I please warn you all who don=92t know

You should never ever use grease of any type on equipment using
Oxygen, as it causes an almost instantaneous catalytic reaction
resulting in ignition of the Oxygen and an Explosion.

Whilst serving in the Royal Air Force I was trained as a =91Supplier=92=
part of that qualification was the supply of =92 =91Bulk fuels, Liquid=
and Gases=92 (including Liquid Oxygen & Liquid Nitrogen) , and as such
I qualified as an instructor in my =91Field=92

I once saw an engineers Ruler dipped in =913 in 1=92 oil so the =91han=
hole=92 filled with a small droplet of oil this was then hung by a
piece of cord in front of an oxygen cylinder approx =BD pint in size,
its valve was then opened =96 the resulting explosion created a crate =
the earth approx=91 1ft deep by nearly 4 ft across!!

And yes I do use an Oxy/acetylene torch for some of my large work
(bladesmithing & sculptures).

So folks please take great care

Wayne Danewood
Dain Studio