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Oxidizing Gold Filled Metal

Hello all!! I am having a HUGE problem that I pray you can help me
with. I have a line produced with gold filled metal that has a satin
(matte) finish on it. I actually wrote in on this before but my
problem was mainly with sterling silver (this was helped by using
argentium ss…thank you all!!) The gold-filled looks amazing for
about a week and then it starts to turn brownish, I thought I had
solved this by dipping it in a laquer, however my rep just informed
me that the gold-filled work is beginning to turn. Can someone
PLEASE help me combat this problem’’ There is a line called ME and
RO and they have a lot of their peices done in the matte finish and
their peices never looked tarnished so I know there is a way to
solve this. Anyone?

Thanks! laura :slight_smile: