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Oxidize sterling silver brown?

Is there a way to oxidize silver so it’s brown instead of black or
grey? Thanks Mark

Just did it. We experimented with anodizing silver. It’s on the web.
It asks for potassium hydroxide which is lye and sulfer. I used
drano from a rush old can. It has sodium hydroxide. It turned the
silver brown. Not super permanent though. Can be removed with a
polishing cloth. I would like to retry with potassium h its supposed
to turn colors. Do it with serious ventilation. SD

Yes, If you made rhodium plating on the silver, The oxidize is not


Rapid Selenium Toner (as is used in developing photography) will
make a nice silvery dark grey.


Brown silver oxide

That was rusty old can of Drano

You can get a pretty good brown patina on sterling using this


peanut oil heat The object to be colored is rubbed with a light coat
of peanut oil. Rub theoil on with a soft cloth or your hands. Place
the object on a fire brick in an annealing pan and begin to heat with
a soft flame using a torch. Once the peanut oil begins to smoke,
remove the flame. Let the peanut oil continue to smoke until it
stops. At this time decide on the color you want. Either let the
object cool completely or add additional heat to achieve a darker
color. If the finished piece is cooled, but the surface of the peanut
oil is still sticky to the touch you have notheated the object

If this occurs repeat the heating and smoking process. The peanut
oil should form a hard shell on the surface of the metal.

Ventilation is necessary with the chemical patinas mentioned, plus
with liver of sulfur. Also wear protective gloves that are
impervious to the chemicals, especially selenium!