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Oxidation under cabochon?

I have noticed discoloration under two cabs (aquamarine & tourmaline) in rings. They’re both set in fine silver, so all I can think is there was a bit of moisture while setting? Thank you.

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That is one reason I try to not use closed back settings.

If you live in an area that has any sulfur in the environment (as I do, due to chemical refineries in the area), the atmospheric sulfur will oxidize fine silver. I’ve had it happen, too, so I know what you’re dealing with. One solution would be to either seal or wax the silver to protect it; I plan to use clear epoxy on my fine silver the next time I set clear stones.

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Thank you. I just got some Renaissance Wax, this might be a good use for it. Also, realized that I used a brass brush to shine up the bezel and probably forgot to wash after. That’s probably the source of contamination.

I don’t believe that a mild pickle would do any harm to the aquas or tourmalines and it may remove the oxidation. Just remember to neutralize with baking soda.

I rebuilt it. But I’m going to be more careful in the future. Though luckily it’s only happened twice (so far ), out of many rings. Thanks again