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Oxidation problems!

Greetings Orchid,

I think I need to be more specific in my query about oxidisers.
I hope someone can help me with this one.I have been using
Griffiths “Silver-Black” I get a nice black but after a period of
time and I suspect sun exposure the blackened areas turn a
horrible greyish color.It does not polish up and I basically
have to remove the finish and start over.This has been quite
mortifying to say the least.Has anyone out there had this
problem.Could it be a conbination of the hard water in my area
or do I need to “wax” the peices to keep the black ffrom greying?
Need help.Thanks Sonja Bradley

You might want to try KODAK Toner. This product produces a
beautiful and long lasting black on Silver. Most better photo
supply stores shouls carry it.

Have a platinum dayJurgen J. Maerz
Mgr of Tech. Education Platinum Guild International USA

Sonja! I too had trouble with Silver-Black. Returns from
stores with display windows… I decided it must be fugitive in
sunlight also. I came to the conclusion that it was unreliable
in the long-run. Dawn dishwashing liquid and hot water will turn
it scumbly also. Not good if you’re using it on rings. I
switched to the liquid version of liver of sulphur and haven’t
had a “fugitive” come back to me since. Dana Carlson