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Oxidation or patination

Hello Eileen;

Thank you for your clarification of Kevin’s post. I just yesterday
received the SNAG news letter which has the article by Cynthia Eid
mention by Kevin. Keeping in mind your comments while reading the
section of Cynthia’s paper dealing with the meaning of the words
oxide and oxidize, and re-reading Kevin’s post , I believe I see the
light. Cynthia’s words “—we often say that the silver has been
’oxidized.’ In fact, though—” and Kevin’s “— jewelers tend to
say ‘oxidize’ even though this is inaccurate —” (underlining is
mine) led me to believe they thought the word “oxidize” for the
process was wrong. Apparently what they were saying was that many in
the trade, not themselves, think the word oxidize means formation of
oxides and that, therefore, to say that the silver is oxidized is
wrong because no oxides are produced. Maybe I was being persnickety
when I pointed out that oxidize and oxidation are correct for the
process of antiquing silver with liver of sulfur, if so I apologize.
Too many years as a professional chemist I guess.

Captain Blood
"Marlinespike Seamanship in Precious Metals"