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Oxidation of silver

Thanks for all of the great suggestions on oxidizing silver. I
will certainly give your methods a try! It’s certainly nice to
have so many knowledgeable people willing to share their
expertise. Do any of you do any type of mixed media jewelry such
as incorporating glass, found objects etc into your pieces? I
have recently started to experiment with glass and am excited
about all of the potential application s to jewelry.



I’ve been teaching bezel making to a friend of mine who does large mosaic
pieces and wanted to make a bracelet from pottery pieces she finds on
beaches. Beach glass makes excellent jewelry, too.

If you like oxidizing silver you might like niobium- by heating it you can
oxidize it to a black color, by running an electric current through it,
you can color (anodize) it. I mentor a student from the local elementary
school- she just made a shadow figure pin from mixed metals (sterling,
niobium, copper, brass) with riveted moving joints and clothing. Keep

Rick Hamilton
Richard D. Hamilton, Jr