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Oxidation, Frustration, Exasperation? - Many Thanks!

I wanted to drop a line to thank all who responded to my post. Your
suggestions and insights were very helpful. We passed a lot of the
info. on to our wholesale acct. and they were also very appreciative.
They are going to make some changes to their display and storage
procedures since that seems to be the root of the problem. Most of
the events they do are outdoors so it is not always possible to avoid
direct sun and high humidity. We also gave them some tips on cleaning
up the pieces after a show so they look good for the next event.
Simple stuff but a lot of people don’t have that unless
they work with jewelry/metals.

Would have responded sooner but we had a show this past weekend. We
were up till 4 AM last Thurs. finishing jewelry and packing! Sales
were good, we picked up another wholesaler for part of our line and a
"producer" for another fine art event stopped by our booth and
invited us to her show and waived jurying! Must be doing something

We are rapidly approaching another bottleneck in our production
process. We already use 2 stages of flow through vibe tumblers and
burnish with rotary tumblers/ceramic beads before final hand
polish/buffing. To keep up with demand, we will need to add
additional/larger tumblers and/or reduce cycle times. Does anyone
have experience with centrifugal disc finishers? Rio claims about 90%
reduction in cycle time using plastic media as opposed to our vibe
tumblers. If we don’t figure something out, I’ll never get any of my
fabricated pieces finished! :wink:

Again, Thanks to all!
Mike Dibble
Carmon Deyo
Black Horse Design
10% of retail sales support rescues.