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Overseas Inquiry

Help. I received this yesterday in the email. I don’t know quite
what to do with this or what the ramifications might be. Any help or
ideas would be appreciated.

Joan Dulla

Dear Joan,

I know your design from AJM Magazine. My Boss has very
interest on your crochet design. But we want produce in 24kart
gold and in multi color. May we have change to try? We are King
Fook Jewellery Group in Hong Kong. We have 13 chain store for
detail business. We have 13 chain store for detail business.
Welcome to visit our website:

My name is . I am gold ornament purchaser. Please
reply me as follow email address : Because this email
address is my home email address.

Holy smokes! King Fook is a huge business in Hong Kong, an
established and respectable chain of stores. Hook me up! LOL.

I say hear them out and see what they would like you to do.

Good luck!

Hi Joan,

I don’t really know any Hong Kong Jewellers well, but I can read
Chinese and I found their contact phone number: (852) 2822-8524. It’s
best that you can make a phone call to speak with the person to
confirm about the email & their offer being legit, not a fraud or
scam. This ‘Kingfook’ seems to be a very well established jeweller in
HK. I am certain they will have staffs who speak fluent English.

Good luck.

Hi Joan,

Were you able to see the king fook website in English? It’s a very
tiny link, but it’'s there. When you go to, click on
"enter here", then in the new window that pops up, there is the
annoying flash stuff, but up at the top right hand corner it says
really small, “Eng”. If you click on that, then at the bottom of the
window in black it says “menu”, click on that and you can see, in
english, links to pictures of their jewelry. Maybe if you saw that
it would help you decide how your work fits into their design
philosophy. My only advice is, be careful with these big companies,
they can take forever to pay you. If you are small workshop, you may
or may not be able to handle that. I worked as a merchandiser for a
huge jewelry company and saw how poorly they treated their
manufacturors. On the other hand, this could be big big business for

Good luck.
Jessica Scofield