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Overseas cutting houses for purple chalcedony?

I have a friend who is mining a new and awesome purple chalcedony
in Arizona, and is looking for a cutting operation to cut calibrated
cabs for him from the material in quantity.

Does anyone have any experiences with production cutting houses that
they can recommend?

Thanks so much,
Karen Olsen Ramsey

Would this be from the Burro Creek area? I would love to see some

Pam Chott


As a member of the Orchid List I would like to offer my services. I
have wide experience in processing Chalcedony and other coloured
stones. We provide both facetting and cabbing services to overseas

We are located in Sri Lanka. Please contact us via e-mail to discuss
the details - @intergem.

Best regards.
Yath Iqbal
Intergem Exports and Ceylon Sapphires International