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Overhead transparencies in etching

I have been using PnP for Ferric chloride etching with no problems.
It has been suggested that one can use overhead transparencies
successfully, which would be great as it would save my having to
drive a distance to Lazerquick to have photocoping done. I would be
able to use my own copier, or printer both of which use dry toner.
Several Orchidians have mentioned using 3M PP2500, PP2200 etc…
However, after checking with 3M, I learned that neither of these are
compatible with my Canon Copier and Hewlette Packard Laserjet
printer, and that I need to use the Universal type CG5000.

Now, my question is this. I understand that the CG5000 has a 100%
solvent free, water based coating. I wonder if this will hold up
when used with Ferric Chloride. I asked the people at 3M, and they
could not answer my question.

Have any of you Orchidians used a transparency that has a water
based coating?


Alma - Stick with your PnP. You should still be able to use your own
copier/printer using heat-fused dry toner on these if you truly have
a printer with that capability. You get much greater detail and much
easier image transferrence with the PnP than with the overhead
transparencies. I have been doing image transfer and etching with
ferric chloride for five years now, have tried practically every
transferrence method known, and the PnP is much superior to the
overhead transparency methods. Feel free to Email me directly if you
have specific questions, I’ll be happy to try and help.

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)