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Over-twisted chain

Hi all: I was making a curb chain and although it lays beautifully
flat and even on a flat surface, when lifted the chain twists in
small groups of links. Which says to me I twisted too far, no? So my
question to you all is - is there a trick to know when to stop
twisting? and can I fix the over-twisted chain somehow? thanks very
much for your help! Mary Barker

Hi Mary, before twisting a chain it is very important to have it
equally annealed. Best results, annealing in oven. Then when twisting
go very slow and controlled, one end in bench vice other end in for
example vice grip pliers. The chain should be under constant tension
during the twisting process. Do not twist the chain in one shot. From
time to time let it hang and check the line. Anneal again in the oven
and go one step at the time until your chain falls straight. Fixing
an over-twisted chain … Melt the thing down, draw up new wire and
do it right! Sorry! Regards, Klaus

Mary As a last resort before remelting your chain, anneal it first
then try laying it flat in a solid flat surface then use a metal
hammer and tap it along its complete length, turn it over and do the
same again, you will have to be careful to not hit it to hard just
enough to get all links to flatten out a little - repolish, this
works for me sometimes. Regards


I hear that a wall paper seem roller, which is wooden, can work at
rolling out rough herringbone chains etc. May work on cable. Also
heard of a gal that removes the findings, and holding the chain
taunt, rolls it through a rolling mill at just slightly a thinner
setting than the thickness of the chain, practice with scrap first.
Good luck! Mary