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Outdoor show display items

Hello all,

I am doing my first outdoor show in a couple of years (after some
years of working for others) and…

in a move to a very small apartment (not there anymore), I had to
get rid of my folding banquet tables for which I have custom fitted
fabric covers. I still have my tent and little display units.

Now I have a show in 16 days…Yikes. I am wondering if anyone
has suggestions on an economical, yet attractive way to get through
this one-day show. I don’t plan to do lots of outdoor shows, but
I’m comitted to this one.

I know another jeweler who has made a very nice booth from the
Elaine Martin collapsable cardboard pedestals – buying 4 of those
is the same as replacing my two tables.

I will borrow assorted things for this show, but if a develope a
long term booth I am uncertain as to what I will do and would
appreciate the views of the group.


Midwest, US
Chicago, Illinois
At the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, North of the
Mississippi River…

I have used folding galvanized two 1/2" pipe sawhorses and a 2’ x
4’ x 1/8" plywood top for a long time. With a long skirt it works
well and has the advantages of being cheap, packing easily, and you
can change the set up design of your booth easily. The sawhorses
can be adjusted for height by spreading the legs wider for a lower
table or adding PVC 3/4" pipe on the bottom of the legs to make a
taller display. There are better ways (I’m in process of changing
now), but if you’re not sure you are going to continue doing shows
there always seems to be a use for sawhorses and plywood.

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Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

I have seen booths done effectively the following ways: -unpainted
barnwood planks or painted sponged wood balanced across stools
-huge cardboard rounds (used to make concrete pipes?)about 18 inch
or more diameter, painted with large planks/doors across them -what
appeared to be what we call hog wire (down here in Alabama) bent
into cylinders, painted black, stuffed with that shiny cellophane
stuff you get at the party store for pizazz, topped with black
painted planks -for stuff on hanging cards, try using one of those
$5 miniblinds. tie it up, slip stuff between the slats -I use my own
"stands" that I made for my cases- they fold up small enough to fit
in the trunk of a Mazda 626, and they cost me about $50 apiece.
there isn’t a square corner in them ,LOL, but they must look good
because another jeweler asked to buy them from me. Email me if you
want details, they took me a couple of days to make- anne


A sturdy piece of plywood on saw horses would work, or you can get
screw on legs at Home Depot that work beautifully under plywood.
This arrangement also stores very compactly and can be cut up for
future projects when you no longer need it. Also, you can make it
to the exact specs of your existing table cover.

Janet in phila.

Hi Elaine, I once knew a lady who used a cheap door and 2 saw
horses, all of which she purchased from a discount builders
supply. I think under 40 bucks. A remnant from a fabric store and
you’re in business. Good luck! Tom Arnold

My college jewelry instructor has a set of diamond riffler files,
but can not recall her original source. I would like a set of these
very useful files, but have not been able to locate a source, Any
ideas? efw - - - thanks