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Our own Judy Hoch featured in Lap Jrnl

Hello Orchidland,

The current issue (Sept. - Oct.) of Lapidary Journal features
long-time Orchidian, Judy Hoch in the Doer’s Profile on the last
page. In addition, Judy wrote an article about creating a hinged ring
for a client with enlarged knuckles.

Don’t miss her tool project, “Construct Your Own Portable Draw
Bench” - and THEN, she takes you through “Drawing Down Tubing!”

Great stuff, Judy! FYI, I’m pleased to call Judy a friend and really
enjoy her practical outlook on life. She’s a kickass jeweler too.

Judy in Kansas, whose garden beans are nearly ready to pick. YUM!
Gotta’ go and do some demonstrations for the local Arts Council’s

I read that too! Nice to put the work with the poster. Felt the same
way when I saw Sam’s articles. While I don’t know either of you
personally, you both represent Orchid well with two very different
styles. Thomas III