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Other starving artists going to SNAG?


I’d just about decided I wasn’t going to the annual SNAG conference
in Richmond, Virginia, and then the registration form came in the
mail. And then I heard other people talking about going. And then I
read, again, the speakers list. I thought about how energizing and
inspiring the last SNAG was. I want to go! But, I’m on a tight budget.

I’m in Massachusetts and I figure I can drive down to Richmond
(approx. 550 miles) for the cost of three tanks of gas (approx. $75).
According to the Rough Guide, there’s a clean & cheap hotel less than
a mile away from the Omni, where rooms can be had for between $30-$45
a night. I tend to be a loner but think it might be nicer to
drive/ride with someone else. I have a small car (VW Golf), so one
other person would be comfortable and, heck, if any others want to sit
in back, you’re welcome to! Anyone else driving? Want to ride? Anyone
hate to drive but don’t want to take the train or fly? Barring a
blizzard in the Poconos, I like driving long distance.

It’s all up in the air, i.e., I’m still thinking about going and
haven’t actually made any emotional commitment to going. If you’re
thinking about going too and might want to “car pool” and possibly
share lodging expenses, let’s talk! Send mail directly to me: