Other Handpieces

I’ve been sort of following the thread on the $50 handpiece (with
which I am not familiar) and thought I’d mention a $139 handpiece
(which I do know) just because it’s so great and I seldom see it
mentioned. I’m referring to the Swedish-made Tecno X handpiece which
I was introduced to in a workshop with Harold O’Connor. It has a
quick-change release, is very lightweight and comfortable in my small
hand, and ? unlike any other I’ve run into? allows you to change burs
while it’s running!

I purchased it from Gesswein but I’ve seen it listed in other
catalogs as well. I recommend it highly.


This is a very nice hand piece, but I can attest that with using the
Quick change while running lever, you WILL wear out the mechinism and
have to have it rebuilt. we have stopped using that and let it stop
before operating the lever. Just our experence


Beth, I, too, love Techno X handpieces. I have to warn you that you
will be cutting down the lifespan of your collet dramatically if you
change burs while it’s running, especially if you do a lot of grinding
or sanding. The dust and grit that lodges between the collet and
handpiece cylinder while you work will erode your collet . It’s sort
of like abusing a clutch in a car by riding it. Over time, you’ll have
to screw your collet lower to tighten its grip. After a point, you
can’t screw it down any tighter and you’ll have to replace the collet
at $35.00 a pop or 25% the cost of the handpiece. Tool suppliers love
to sell replacement collets and I personally think it’s misleading to
advertise changing burs while still running the handpiece.

I make it a point to stop the spin before changing tools. If it’s
something like a rubber wheel, I might grab it to stop it faster if
I’m in a hurry. I also take my collet out frequently and remove the
set screw and clean out the collet and the screw of any debris by
ultrasonic and steam cleaning. I dry them thoroughly. I also clean
out the cylinder of the handpiece with clean Q-tips that have had some
cotton removed. You don’t want to ram dirt down. I regrease and
reassemble. I’ve had collets last for 4 to 5 years with everyday

Bottom line: If you want the convenience of switching tools in
motion, be willing to pay for replacement collets.

Sorry for the rant. I work with a lady who used to switch burs while
running her handpiece and who didn’t clean her handpiece frequently.
She destroyed collets in less than four months. She has since
changed her practice since she doesn’t want to pay for replacement


Beth, since you mentioned Gesswein in your thread would you happen
to have their phone # or address so I can ask for a catalog, I would
greatly appreciate it, and thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Karen

To Donna & Ringdoc (and anyone else who offered advice on the Tecno X
handpiece whose response I haven’t seen yet),

Thanks for the advice regarding wear on the Tecno X from changing
burs while it’s running. I’ll be a lot more careful in the future!