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OTC Buyer's Conference Calls

What if you had PLANNED on 2008 being an off yera? What about 2009?

You’ve probably heard me mention “The Self-Sufficient Jeweler” Don
Hoffman a number of times over that past year. Don is an OTC Buying
specialist who is enjoying his most profitable year ever at Airport
Plaza Jewelers in Buffalo, NY. It’s wildly profitable because of the
aggressive marketing he’s done in his area, and the successful
techniques he uses over-the-counter with the selling customer.

Don is the author of “A Diamond Mine for the Self-Sufficient
Jeweler”, a Manual/DVD/CD training program about OTC Buying
techniques … he runs “Buyer’s Boot Camp” seminars at his Niagara
Falls/Buffalo NY offices, AND hosts free “OTC Buyer’s Conference
Calls” each week, where independent jewelery store owners and
operators from around the country gather to talk about Gold and
Jewelery buying for about an hour per call.

This week, Don has invited me to be his special guest. Together,
we’ll review and discuss an item I wrote and posted on Polygon last
year entitled “If I Had a Retail Store in 2008”. I’m re-printing it.

(I even amaze myself sometimes)

If you’re an independent retailer and would like to join the free
phone conference, here are the dates, and here’s what to do:

THURSDAY, SEPT 11th - 6pm Eastern Time; and

FRIDAY, SEPT 12th - 8:20am Eastern Time

To request a slot in the call, send an e-mail to
donsotcgoldmine at aol dot com

and provide your name, your store’s name, city and e-mail address.
Don and his associate Brian will reply with an invitation and the
toll-free 800# and Access Code The conference is free
and limited to 50 callers, so I’d encourage you to not wait till the
last minute. Don is a lot of fun to listen to, and this Conference
Call format he uses has proven to be very popular.

Best wishes, David