OSHA compliance consultants recommendation!

This may be of interest to those of you with more than one employee
or who teach classes. Our clients, Henry & Jan Parker, who are safety
and environmental compliance consultants, helped us get our act
together in terms of OSHA compliance and most importantly, safety. We
don’t have any other connection with Henry and Jan other than as
clients and consultants. They do all states and will travel. We
highly recommend their service to those who need it. Their website,
www.complyhere.com, has a better explanation of their services.

First, they had us make a list of all the chemicals and haz-mat
substances we jewelers know and love. For OSHA/EPA compliance,
besides the nasty stuff like solvents, plating solutions, polishing
compounds, etc, items you wouldn’t even think about like carving
waxes, canned air, soap, even Windex, all need to have a MSDS
(Material Safety Data Sheet) present when they are present in your
store/studio. Then they came to our store, inspected the premises
for such things as chemicals, fire extinguishers, ventilation, exits,
etc. Then they gave a short (~30 minute) training presentation on
the various OSHA and state requirements, etc that would apply to us,
and guided us thru a test/questionaire and then certified our OSHA

They had prepared an OSHA compliance manual for us, customized with
all the MSDS sheets that we needed-- we had 50 items that needed
MSDS document. The service was great, the manual was complete, easy
to read, and most important, fulfilled all our OSHA requirements. AND
they supplied us with laminated signs for the fire extinguisher,
exits, washroom, emergency numbers, etc. AND they have policy
available for issues like drug and alcohol, sexual harassment, etc.
AND they prepared a laminated 8.5 x 11" set of all the employee
posters required by California, our state-- they customize
everything for your state.

This is a very easy and relatively low cost way to get one monkey
off your back-- if you have a design studio or jewelry store with
employees, you have liability. If you ever run afoul of OSHA, the
fines for non compliance are very expensive and the hassle very
counterproductive. And don’t forget, compliance is green!

Henry W. D. Parker, C.E.C.M, C.E.S
Jan Parker, C.E.C.M.
S&ECC, Inc
Safety & Environmental Compliance Consultants, Inc.

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG