Osaka Japan Take II

Howdey Hey Good Neighbors!

On my way to Osaka tomorrow for a stay of about two weeks. Just
trying once more to see if any “Orchidians” have any suggestions
about jewelers/galleries/workshops/etc. that would be informative
and inspirational for me to visit. (Mokume Gane, Pearls, etc.)

If you do please reply in whatever manner suits you best…on or off
list. I’d be happy to read all suggestions no matter how they come
in…do I hear owl wings? (Ohhhh boy, another one of those H.P.

Your input is greatly appreciated by this sometimes active poster
but most often lurker who listens and learns exceedingly well!

Thanks to all responders for your help. Thanks to the rest of you
for the continuing education.

Joe Bloyd
JNB Studio
Battle Ground, WA (Still hotter than blazes at 102F.)