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Ornaments and Oppi

Hi, Could someone tell me where the most reasonable price is
for Oppi Untracht’s book? I would like to buy it but would like
to be economical about it. Also, a while ago at a workshop
someone told me about a magazine named Ornaments but I have not
been able to find the publishing co. or figure out how to
subscribe. It is not in any local libraries or lists. Thanks. I
really enjoy hearing all the tips you folks give each other .

Sue Danehy

Hi Sue,
greetings from Europe and Sweden…

Oppis book is somewhat hard to find in Europe so I’ve promised
myself to get it whenever I found it…

When I last visited the US and CA I popped into a bookstore in
Santa Barbara looking for THE book. I didn’t find it so I turned
up at to pay for another oneI liked (Silwersmithing [R.
Finegold, W Seitz]). Having compleeted my transaction -
creditcard away - I looked behind the guy at the counter - AND

Remebering my promise to myself I got my creditcard out again
and walked away with my treasure. The bookstore is called (I
think) BORDERS in Santa Barbara, CA and they stated list price
USD 100 and sold it for USD90 (plus CA tax :()…

I have no idea if this was echonomical but now I’ve got it and
it is worth every cent…

The other one - Silwersmithing - Right - that’s a good one too
if you are in to forging (as myself) it is the best "how-to"
I’ve seen so far…

Good luck in your searching

Lars Dahlberg

Hi All,

I went to Borders last night and found Oppi’s book too. The
cover was a little buggered up(bent on the corners and slightly
bowed). I called this to the attention to the sales person and
she got me another $10 off, so I paid $80 for it. Thi volume
should be included in weight lifting sets:).


                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and