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Orion verses Puk in 2017

I know this has been asked before, but have not seen any recent (past few years) discussion on this topic and thinking the past few years will no doubt have seen development in these tools. Seriously considering purchasing one of these machines to do small work like jump rings, chains, and settings around enamels. Was thinking the Orion 100c or Puk 4 … Puk 5 is getting a bit pricey for me but if the PUK5 is the one, then let me know. Seriously any and all comments are much appreciated.

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I have used both and I own PUK 3, but I think Orion might be ahead on this game.

I have owned an Orion 100c for a couple of years and have used it for repairs and for welding metals that will be enameled. My welding is mostly on silver jewelry items - cuff bracelets, earrings, etc., nothing huge. The Orion has worked well and is easy to use. I was pretty much able to teach myself how to use it for my applications, though I’m certainly not an expert welder now. The Orion website has helpful videos. I have no experience with PUK welders, so I can’t comment on them. I hope this is helpful.

Hello ,
I can not compare because I have only used puk 5 I like it and thing it would be fine for your needs .I like that it was smaller ,since I have very little work space .

Thank you all for your comments. They are very much appreciated. Have decided to visit Rio and check them out before making a final decision. Figure it’s worth the trip. Thanks again

Hi Rubiano,
Ted Here in the UK,
Now going to look/test/ run trials is an absolute must.
Take along samples of what you want to do with it and get THEM to show you how it does just that.I had a joining problem with the edges/points of small leaf stampings in 999 silver making a circular brooch of them like a laurel leaf ring on a medal.
so I took all my samples to the PUK dealer here and there was no way it would do what I needed. It was to take an enameling temp of 800 Deg C.
Solved this one by using a 14ct white gold solder paste.
999 silver is too heat conducting to work.
Its great on stainless steel etc, but not many folk here use that.

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Please tell us your findings and which one you purchased and why. I have considered an upgrade from the PUK 3 for sometime and will be interested in your opinion after trying both.

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I sure will, but it’s going to be a few months. Will let know all the details though when I do.

Ruby Raymond

I’ve had an Orion and several PUKS. I currently have the PUK5 and in my opinion it is superior to all that came before. The controls are intuitive. It costs about $900 less than the PUK4. It absolutely sips argon unlike all the orions. It is great for simple jobs like jump rings, but has stupendous capability beyond that. It opens so many options for fabrication that you will think you are a genius to get things done so quickly. If you are working silver, the newer machines are far superior to the older ones. If you are a gold fabricator or repairer, they all work quite well. The PUK5 lets you play with all metals titanium to brass but I really love it for silver.


Wade - if you are working silver, run, do not walk to your favorite supplier and get the PUK5. I had a 3, then a 4, now a 5 and you would get it away from me over my dead body.

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Great information Judy ~Thank you! Sounds like you have owned quite a few machines which leads to my next question… may I ask, did you upgrade because the newer model had more options or for other reasons? It seems with PUK, that once the new model is out, the old one disappears and I was curious about that?

Ruby Raymond

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Ruby - I’ve always been one to experiment. The recent upgrade to a 5 happened because I had access to a demo machine. I’ve never had trouble selling the previous version. I was crazy about the early Orion because they were supposed to be field upgradeable (?) to newer versions. Mine never worked for upgrades and I don’t hear anything about that capability now, but not looking either. The PUKs have been solid machines with good support from real jewelers. If I can get a newer anything for little cost over selling the older one, I’ll always opt for the newer thing. I recently just replaced my 1999 GMC suv with a newer 2005. It’s all relative.


Hello Ruby! Scott Peart here from Orion. I was reading through this feed and wanted to let you know that I too would be happy to assist you with any further questions (if you have any). I would say that I am probably a bit biased to Orion haha, but in all seriousness, I would definitely make that trip to Rio Grande to try them both out. It’s very important to feel comfortable on the machine. We wish you luck with your search to find the welder that best fits your needs. ps (another biased comment) we just came out with the newest edition to the 100c and it’s AWESOME! Feel free to check it out if you’d like :slight_smile:

Dear Sir,

This machine can be used Gold jewelry work.

Kindly confirm.

Thanks & Regards,


Hello Karmekanandan,
Yes, this machine can be used for Gold jewelry work. This machine has a specific Gold setting built into the software. After you select the Gold setting the machine is automatically adjusted to the perfect settings for welding Gold. We made it very easy for you to use :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions. Here is the link to the 100c web page again

Scott Peart

Hello Rubiano

Here at Rio Grande in Albuquerque, we have the entire Orion line of welders as well as the PUK 5 setup for demos. Anytime you’re heading through Albuquerque, you are always welcome to let us know you’ll be coming through, and we can setup a time for a demo of each machine. You can even bring along your own pieces to work on, and test them out. Feel free to contact us anytime at 800-545-6566.

Scott Bradford
Rio Grande Tech Team


Thank you Scott! Love Rio Grande and called awhile back to ask if this was possible and told it was. Looking forward to it early in February. Rio is my go to place and you all have been so helpful whenever I call. Many thanks and appreciation for your response!

Ruby Raymond

Thanks Judy! Looking forward to trying it out when I go to New Mexico in 2018.

Hello Wade and Judy, A follow up to my earlier response regarding the PUK and Orion. Ended up purchasing the PUK 5 before even getting out to RIO to try them but went to RIO a week ago and John Sartin graciously spent time with me going over the basics of the PUK. The Orion’s were there in the studio, but I had already made my purchase and just went with it. I am very new to it, but I will say, it is a wonderful piece of equipment. While it will take me time to get the hang of it, it is intuitive and easy to use. Like I mentioned, it is going to take some practise, but it is a solid built beautiful tool and from what I have gleaned thus far, has surpassed my expectations.

Wade, there is from what I understand a HUGE difference between the PUK 3 and 5. Check out Jeffrey Hermans Blog



hi to all
for a very long time i was in a dilemma between orion or puk5
at first i was of the opinion for orion,
influenced by ever-renewing model versions and prices were reduced in previous, is simple.
so i was afraid my orion would be withdrawn (failed) as a model.
lampert puk 's always presents a certain, absolute model.
stopping the construction of the previous one.
the jewelery fairs were always to fight for a presentation.
and for many more i end up to puk U5. i haven’t bought it yet.
i thank everyone for their views.