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Origin of (some) species

    Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.   ( I wish more Orchidians
would tell us where they reside....what's to hide ? Oops, I forgot
that origin is unimportant !) 

You want academic, Ron? OK. You live at Los Osos. (Difficult to
bear?) But is your origin from there? Does your your Provenance
Certificate state that? I was collected at an early age. My
Certificate of Provenance says my origin was in West Ham London (which
doesn’t exist now, I’m told. It doubtless couldn’t hold up without me)
Also quite clearly on my retail Certificate of Provenance (which I
didn’t look at until after the honeymoon) it states, “Occupation:
Labourer’s Assistant”. How’s that for a bit of real deep level rough?
(I think the Vicar couldn’t spell ‘laboratory’) But it is THERE; I
may not alter it. Humiliatin’ ain’t it? But these days home is where
you hang your @. Cheers anyway, – John Burgess;
@John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ Place of Origin: Queen Mary
Hospital, West Ham Lane, Stratford. London. UK. Seed crystal sown:
January 1921 Marshgate Tavern, 66 High St. Stratford. (No longer exists

  • Hitler’s mob did for it and me too nearly, 1941)

My brother and I were born in Japan, but he was "Made in the USA,"
and I was “Made in Japan.”

Question is: when considering the International Date Line, is my
birthdate the date in Japan, or the date my Grandparents were
experiencing back at home?

We can all get persnicketty about detail, but that doesn’t alter the
truth, does it?

D. Marie, now in Virginia