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Organza ribbons


Hello Everybody,

So, I’m a college student right now, hoping to get into the nursing
program in the fall at local college. I’m not making a lot of
anything but still thinking about it and thinking I’d like to hang
some simple pendants from organza ribbon.

I just bought several spools of cheap nylon organza and can tell
that it is really not what I want to use. It would be ok for kids’
necklaces but not for anything nicer.

I have a feeling that there’s a lot I don’t know about ribbon, so I
have a lot of questions:

Do any of you use this? Is organdy the same as organza? Is silk
really better than nylon and why? What about silk blends? How wide do
you recommend? Do you prefer a finished or a raw edge? (Presumably a
raw edge will curl whereas a finished edge will stay flat).

I really, really like to tie cords to get the right length, so if I
am finishing the ends, I tend to like end caps on satin or leather
cord. Do you finish the ends of your ribbon and if so, what with?

And, where do you buy this stuff? (i.e., can you tell me some

Thanks a bunch,
Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

And, where do you buy this stuff? (i.e., can you tell me some

I would Google “silk organza ribbon” and start your hunt there. As
for the difference, I Googled an answer for you:

Organdy/Organza - The difference between them is in the fiber
content. Organdy is usually cotton or nylon, while organza can be
made of silk, polyester or rayon.

Rio Grande has the 13mm ribbon (not silk) in 16" lengths made up
with sterling findings for about the cost of the findings. 5
necklaces for about $15.

Chris Lehmkuhl


I think high quality ribbon can be found at millinery supply
companies. Frank’s Cane and Rush has some terrific supplies for straw
hat making; they may have ribbon.

Other suppliers that sell felt “hoods” for hat making will
definitely have the ribbon.

Okay, I checked one of those, no organza ribbon.

Try this bridal supply place:

Here’s a millinery supply place with ribbon:

and another:

And if you read

you might find a lead.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


Hi Christine,

... thinking I'd like to hang some simple pendants from organza
ribbon.... where do you buy this stuff? 

I’m not an expert on ribbon, but I did stumble across a website
with, oh, thousands of products relating to packaging: boxes, bags,
wrap etc and LOTS of ribbon choices. They have a great selection, and
are easy to order from, and are quick. Since the minimum per type is
just 1 roll, I originally ordered several different types to see
which I liked best, which might help you too. Here’s the address:

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs


Try PaperMart. They have a large selection of different Organza
ribbons: Also:

Both of these companies sell wholesale to the public. Good Luck!


Thanks, Chris, and others who responded to me about the organza

I use Google a lot and was only confused when I tried to find
organza ribbon. I think I need to see it and touch it. I thought if
perhaps anyone used it and could talk about it, what they like about
it, what they use it for, that I could make a decision without
seeing/touching. Funny, I hadn’t thought to check my Rio catalog!

I’d like to find a supplier that will send samples, and I may have a
lead on one or two. I think I’ll try to find a place local, where I
can actually touch the stuff.

Thanks for the definitions, too.

p.s. We have a friend in common; Kathrin.

Christine in Littleton, Massachusetts

I get all my bulk ribbon and wrapping supplies from here.



Craft stores like A.C. Moore and Michaels have large selections of
ribbons, too; you could choose what you like from their displays and
then order in quantity online after you’ve seen the ribbons in
"person" and know what you want.

Linda Walsh


Ribbons? you want RIBBONS? Just look
around the site - they’ve GOT ribbons.