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Organizing a busy workshop

I’m moodling this issue myself at present and have thought to try
the indexing system I use to organize my brain… I write alot, and
usually hav e at at least two dozen ideas in process. Everytime I
think of something related to a certain topic, I write it on a 3 x 5
card (have them everywhere , desk, purse, nightstand, etc.), then file
in a loooong index file under the correct heading. Over a period of
time, sometimes several years, ideas accumulate into something
tangible. I’ve thought to do the same thing with commissions. In
this case, however, I would have index cards with the project name
and various steps to complete already in the cardfile, with specific
notes as to what needs to be done and who will do it. When that step
is being worked on, the person pulls the card, does the job, and
return s to file marked complete. At any point in time, anyone could
check the cardfile, see what card is out, and tell where job progress
is… and what’s

been previously completed. Might work if everyone (or someone)
checks each category daily for job status… and nobody loses the
cards. One schlump i n the bunch would ruin the whole system. Isn’t
that the way it always works?? LOL.

Best from windy, smokey Colorado,

Dani (who hopes the SNAG Conference isn’t impacted by the Denver fire.)

Hello, I thought I would mention my system of organization. I have a
co. that employs 30+ people and does several million in sales and I
have spent countless thousands on different systems. My final
solution? Four things: Outlook on my computer, a Palm Pilot(syncs
with Outlook and portable), a Sony digital recorder and a cell phone.
With these things I can run my company from anywhere. The beach, the
mountains, Disneyland or even my desk. Every note I have typed into
my computer or dictated into my Sony for later transcription is
accusable in seconds. Every thought is also there and can be recalled
even by typing in a key word. I have years of such notes and ideas
accessible instantly from anywhere! Give it a try and then let me
know how it fares. DK