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Oregon sunstone on Travel Channel

for anyone who’s interested and gets the Travel Channel, there is a
rebroadcast of this week’s episode of Cash and Treasures Saturday
afternoon. They show a visit to an Oregon Sunstone Mine. The show
host managed to find a significant chunk which she then took to a
local faceter to have evaluated and cut, then appraied in NY. She
ended up with several nice cabs plus a faceted sunstone of gem
quality of over 10 cts! They ended up selling it for $5200! Not bad
for a few hours in the field and some investment in cutting! If
anyone is interested, check for local times. There
have been several episodes about gem/gold hunting lately incl.
montana sapphires and gold panning in CA. The nice thing with the
latest episodes is that they not only find them, they then deal with
valuing and processing them into gemstones/jewelry.