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Ordering vacuum casting equipment

Hi all,
I am still in the process of moving to the Asheville, NC area, but
have rented an artist studio in one of the converted buildings that
have become homes for local artists. I’m thinking of investing in
casting equipment so that I can mass produce some of my items to sell
on wholesale. What is the best source, pricewise and quality wise, to
order such big equipment? I have a Rio catalog, but didn’t know if
gesswein or another company would actually be better. I’m looking for
vacuum casting equipment and accessories for it…


What sort of production leve lare you looking at … I undersdtand
the J2R machines are very good… but if you are a small operator (I
am) then a simple cylindrical tank and piping with a good second
hand pump from ebay and some casting heads is good enough for quite
a lot of work and gives you change from US$2000. The Neutec
consumables seem fine to me …

Keith Elliott

Instead of ordering casting equipment and having to learn another
complicated and highly technical skill right now, as an alternative,
I would recommend using a good commercial casting organization such
as our RaceCar Jewelry guy, Daniel Grandi. Daniels charges and
quality for mold making, and casting are very good. The cost of
good casting equipment, mold making equipment and all the rest is
substantial. While I appreciate the savings of casting your own
stuff, it would seem that you could do a lot better financially
having someone else do the heavy work and you spend your time in
creating new designs. If you have extra time, find some reps and
send them out with your wholesale line.

You can’t do everything your self and be expert in all of it. IMHO

Welcome back to the US.

Judy Hoch