Order of steps in process help needed

I need some suggestions on what order to produce a piece I’m working
on. I may have asked before, but some time ago. I cut out 4 nickel
rectangles that will be cold connected with small screws. 3
rectangles form a frame for apaper jigsaw puzzle piece. The back had
a puzzle shape cut out. I will thinly cost the jigsaw piece in
resin. I plan on soldering 2 thin strips of silver tubing on the back
to attach jump rings. Now. my dilemma is do I drill the first hole
and insert first screw, then do all the remaining 3 screws, remove
screws and solder on silver tubing, them reinsert the screws? I can’t
solder with the paper jigsaw exposed, and it doesn’t seem like I can
drill after the tubing is soldered on. I have pics that I can post on
my own page, but I don’t know how to post to this group. Thx!


A sketch would help folks better understand the design and so offer
sensible suggestions.

Elliot Nesterman

I just sent 3 pics about my nickel puzzle piece that I don’t know
what order to complete the piece.=A0

I just sent 3 pics about my nickel puzzle piece that I don't know
what order to complete the piece. 

It’s hard to tell from the photos but it looks as though the back
plate is too thin to tap, or at least to get an effective number of

Why screw them together? Why not rivet them.

Anyway, I’d drill first, then tap the back plate, then ream the
holes in the other two plates, test the fit of the screws,
disassemble, solder, reassemble.

Though why you think you can’t drill them after soldering on the
back connections I don’t know. All you need is a little jig, assuming
you’re using a drill press.

Elliot Nesterman