Orchidians in France?

Are there any other posters living in France? I recently moved here
and I’m trying to figure out resources. Thank you, or shall I say
Merci? :wink:

Leslie Nicole

Hello Leslie,

I moved to Paris about two years ago. I know what you mean about
finding resources: it’s not easy and that goes double if your French
isn’t so good (that would certainly apply to me). I’m scraping by in
terms of suppliers and resources. If that might be of any use to you
please feel free to contact me off-list (trevor AT touchmetal DOT
com) and I’d be happy to share.

There have also been a few threads on this and France-related
subjects here at Orchid over the last year or so. You might want to
look at some of the following:


Cheers and Bienvenue en France,
Trevor F.


Thank you so much for the links you posted. Yes, it can be rather
challenging to go from a place where you have all your resources,
classes etc, to suddenly being somewhere where not only do you not
know the ropes, but you can hardly speak about it! I’m still debating
whether the Dollar exchange if it might not be cheaper to continue
ordering from the U.S.

I’ll be taking you up on your generous offer to contact you off

By the way, have you found this site yet? http://www.minerapole.com/

Euro-Mineral, Sainte-Marie aux Mines
The world's top summer show
41 st World-Famous show
from the 24 th to 27 th June 2004

  This internationally renowned mineralogical show, organized
  jointly by Associations and local county council, will gather
  together over 800 exhibitors from 55 countries this year to
  serve the needs of more than 25,000 mineralogical enthusiasts
  from around the world. 

  Although relatively unknown to the general public, the
  Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is the flagship of the mineralogy
  business in France and is part of the world's mineral trade
  triumvirate alongside Tucson (USA) and Munich (Germany).
  Renowned as Europe's most significant wholesale mineral and
  fossil market, our early summer conference has become an
  unmissable venue for professionals in the field of mineralogy 

The only wholesale market I’ve found so far. I sorely miss the San
Francisco Bay Area where wholesalers came through every few months.

Leslie Nicole