Orchidians in Ecuador

My husband and I will be traveling to Ecuador in several months to
visit and think about possible relocation and I’m wondering if there
are any Orchidians living there that can give some guidance as far
as things to see, where to stay, safety, traveling from Quito to
Cuenca and nearby towns/villages and living there.

Also, if we were to relocate, how difficult is it to get materials:
tools, metals (mostly silver/copper), acetylene, etc. to continue
pursuing my jewelry making.

Designs by Ruta

Hi Ruta, We visited… Ecuador last year (our neighbors built a second
home there) they live in Cotacachi (about 3 hrs north of Quito) in a
development called San Miguel. there are alot of Americans,
Canadians, Europeans living there. They found Cotacachi through the
Gary Scott tours but found their development from people they met
while there. As far as jewelry, I don’t know.

Regards, gail

Anyone in this group from Ecuador? I will be there for two weeks
starting Saturday. Would like to connect up while I am there and get
some local gemstones to play with.